Our people

We are parents, educators, engineers, programme managers, entrepreneurs, designers and more, united by our belief in every child's potential.

Senior management

Our senior management team have a wealth of experience working with schools, governments, ministries of education, donor organisations and commercial partners across the globe to support the mission to raise standards in education through innovative ICT and individualised learning. Their expertise range from commercial leadership, product innovation, stakeholder engagement and financial management and they lead the organisation’s global strategy.

Global Strategic Partnerships

With over 15 years’ experience in programme design and management, stakeholder engagement, consortium management, implementation and deployment of education technologies, this global team have in-depth knowledge of a diverse range of educational contexts and how to implement education programmes that harnesses education technology for improved teaching and learning outcomes at scale.

Collectively they have the knowledge and experience to lead on business development and strategic partnership negotiations with key government, donor and education stakeholders across the globe.

Education team

Our education team comprises a diverse group of education experts and highly regarded educationalists that lead Whizz Education's thinking on inclusive education systems and achieving evidence-informed learning outcomes.

This team is central to Whizz’s implementations worldwide, and supports our departments globally with training, ongoing professional development, advice and materials. They also provide deep data expertise to ensure that we are collecting, analysing and acting on data in ways that maximise educational outcomes.

Technology and product

Whizz’s highly qualified product and technology team have wide-ranging experience including expertise in product development, technology architecture, project management and quality assurance. This team lead the development of Whizz’s education technology products ensuring they are designed with education best practices in mind, built to the highest standards and are scalable solutions that can be incorporated in Whizz’s global education programmes.

Education Success Partners

At the frontline of our global implementations, Whizz’s Education Success Partners are our team of in-field pedagogical experts, often from a teaching background themselves, with an understanding of the local education system and how to harness technology to achieve educational success within the local context.

This team is responsible for programme support, schools’ success and learning results analysis, intervening with tailored support for each individual school as needed.