Our story

From humble beginnings to an international education partner, our journey over the past fifteen years has been one of continual learning and growth.

From our beginnings...

The potential of virtual tutoring

In 2004, a small group of parents, educators, designers and technologists came together to envision a new approach to learning. The result was Maths-Whizz, the world’s first virtual tutoring platform that adapts to every student’s individual needs. As students interacted with Maths-Whizz, and learning data poured in from the platform, the results were unmistakable: for the first time in history, the potential to provide a quality learning experience for all students was very real.

A global vision

Fuelled by that vision, we have taken individualised learning global. Over the past fifteen years, we have worked across borders and cultures - from state and private schools in London to low-income communities in Mexico and Kenya - to develop a unique approach to education implementation. Guided by a treasure trove of live learning data, and in-field experience, we have learned what does and doesn’t work in a variety of contexts.

A human approach

From our beginnings, we have adopted a fundamentally human approach to education technology: every one of our projects is designed with students, parents and teachers at the core. We adapt our approach to the unique needs and context of each client; our technology is always developed and implemented in service of this ideal.

On the back of our proven track record, we are now trusted by schools, ministries of organisations and development agencies such as the Department for International Development (DFID) to design and implement large-scale educational projects that achieve sustainable impact.