Why learning loss matters

Learning loss has become a defining theme of Covid. Last month we reported our staggering…
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How continuous assessment can move us past exams

Ray Douse, Co-Founder of Whizz Education   The UK’s cancellation of A level and GCSE…
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Why teacher training must be the education sector’s top COVID priority

  Teacher training needs to evolve, in both content and form. COVID-19 has confirmed as…
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When Policy meets Pragmatism: How schools *should be* reopening

  Our latest global review of school reopenings - and reclosings – points to lessons…
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Reasons for Reopening

  School closures due to COVID-19 are expected to last longer than a typical summer…
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How Schools are Reopening (September 2020 update)

  The narrative is by now familiar. Sweden’s primary and secondary facilities remained open, but…
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