What High-Touch, High-Tech means for educators

The Education Commission’s Transforming the Education Workforce Report brings into stark focus the reality that,…
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Is PISA worth the hype?

  The latest PISA rankings are due out early next month, and while they may…
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What the Beijing Consensus on Artificial Intelligence and Education gets right, and where it misses the mark

We have been rifling through the pages of the Beijing Consensus on Artificial Intelligence and…
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Delivering quality education with global learning metrics

How Whizz Education collects and deploys global learning metrics in real-time to inform and empower…
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How many? Why Counting isn’t as simple as 1,2,3

A recent report from the UNESCO Institute of Statistics suggests that many children around the…
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The unintended consequences of AI in Education: A conversation with Dr Wayne Holmes

Our Director of Education, Dr Junaid Mubeen, spoke with Dr Wayne Holmes, a lecturer in…
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