Delivering quality education with global learning metrics

How Whizz Education collects and deploys global learning metrics in real-time to inform and empower…
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How many? Why Counting isn’t as simple as 1,2,3

A recent report from the UNESCO Institute of Statistics suggests that many children around the…
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The unintended consequences of AI in Education: A conversation with Dr Wayne Holmes

Our Director of Education, Dr Junaid Mubeen, spoke with Dr Wayne Holmes, a lecturer in…
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What the history of international funding programmes teaches us about how to achieve the 2030 SDG 4

Introduction The recent joint publication by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the Global Education…
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Book review, Letters to a new minister of education by Fernando Reimers

Fernando Reimers has assembled a varied and highly readable compendium of nuggets of advice from…
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To set or not to set?

The spread of learning needs among students invites some intuitive conclusions. If we are to…
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