Bias in the Algorithms

The following is a transcript of Dr Junaid Mubeen’s talk ‘Bias in the Algorithms’ delivered…
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What live learning data tells us about bilingual learning

Many commentators have highlighted the rapidly growing phenomenon of English Medium Instruction (EMI) – in…
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Rejecting the inevitability of summer learning loss

There’s nothing quite like a long summer break to undo the hard work that students…
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Can low-stakes testing resolve the assessment conundrum?

‘Testing’ has become a pejorative term in education. It is used synonymously with exams that…
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Reasons to welcome the DfE’s EdTech Strategy

The UK government has issued a blueprint for the expansion of educational technology, in a…
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Why the five C’s of EdTech are not enough

by Richard Marett, CEO Whizz Education The 5 C's of EdTech Ministries of Education and…
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