When aggregate judgements harm individual learners

Education is in the grip of a paradox. As educators, we are responsible for addressing…
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Whizz Education in collaboration with Bahati Primary, Kenya: A Case Study

Introduction The partnership between Bahati Primary in Kenya and Whizz Education has proven to be…
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The knowledge gap in every maths classroom: An imperative for individualised learning

Whizz Education was founded on the belief that every child deserves a learning experience that…
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What should AI stand for?

The machines are rising, fast. The seminal moment for Artificial Intelligence arrived in May 1997…
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Press Release: Whizz Education Scoops Another Bett Award!

BETT Awards 2019: Whizz Education announced as winner of the ‘Collaboration with a School’ Award.…
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Whizz attends the United Nations General Assembly

“We need to let girls know that they too can become the engineers and scientists…
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