Evidence-based insights

We collect learning data on a granular scale and then aggregate it in multiple ways levels depending on the kinds of questions our partners wish to explore. The result is a treasure trove of data-informed educational insights, updated in realt-time.

Our learning data has enabled us to answer questions such as:

What is the extent of summer learning loss?

How do boys and girls compare across different maths topics?

How does the maths attainment of students in rural Kenya compare to their counterparts in Kenyan international schools, or schools in the UK and the US?

With the use of Maths Age as a global learning metric, our platform serves as a rich source of insight into global education trends. We are able to monitor students’ progress in maths at every level: from individual classrooms to counties within the UK and regions worldwide.

Crucially, and in contrast to periodic assessment tools like PISA and TIMSS are periodic, because our reporting is updated in real-time, our insights are always up-to-date.

Whizz insights

We also examine a number of questions concerning the learning and teaching of mathematics, often partnering with outside experts such as the UCL Institute of Education and the Oxford University Mathematical Institute. These findings are shared in our white papers and monthly email digest, Whizz Insights.
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