Case study - Aguascalientes

Improved learning outcomes for students goes hand-in-hand with supporting and training teachers. In Aguascalientes, we did both, with results backed up by independent research.

In Aguascalientes we have helped:







Since 2015, we have partnered with the Ministries of Education across multiple states in Mexico to improve standards in mathematics. This includes the Institute of Education, Aguascalientes where we delivered teacher training, development and capacity building to 125 schools to use technology for effective learning and individual virtual tutoring for 50,000 pupils.

A study carried out by the UCL Institute of Education found that students on Maths-Whizz had a greater average improvement in PLANEA (adapted) scores following a one-month intervention. In Michoacan we continue to partner with the local Ministry of Education to provide professional development to more than 1,300 teachers to support their curriculum goals, while students have access to the Maths-Whizz Tutor to accelerate their numeracy learning.

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