Case study - iMlango

In marginalised communities, faced with severe resource constraints but possessing a deep passion for education, schools have managed to double the learning rates of their students with the help of Whizz's course correction implementation model.

In Kenya we have helped:

Over 3,000




We are proud to be part of the DfID-backed (the UK government’s Department for International Development) Project iMlango, a ground-breaking partnership of public and private sector organisations that aims to improve education outcomes in maths, literacy and life skills for students in rural Kenya. Through the project, 100,000 students have benefited from individualised tutoring and over 3,000 teachers have been trained and supported to implement technology in their school environment.

The impact of iMlango has been been transformational: we have seen a doubling of learning rates among the most vulnerable cohorts of students. These gains are a direct result of Whizz’s pioneering approach to monitoring and evaluation, in which real-time learning data is paired with in-field observations to drive continuous course corrections to product and programme design.