Case Study - Himno Nacional

Community partnership helped this school in Michoacan, Mexico accelerate students' learning despite school closures inflicted by Covid-19.


1,900 hours of personalized tutoring through Math-Whizz.


That’s an average of 44 minutes per week per student.


The students have completed over 8,000 learning objectives.

All across the world, schooling has been disrupted due to Covid-19. During this period of stress and uncertainty, we have seen communities come together against the odds to ensure that learning continues for their children. Himno Nacional school in Michoacan, Mexico, like so many others, faced closure during the pandemic. The staff realised that while children had access to learning via the Maths-Whizz virtual tutoring platform, a close partnership would need to be forged with families to ensure they made the most of online learning opportunities.

Through regular, personalised communication with families via social media channels, and virtual staff meetings, Himno Nacional managed to avert learning loss and has instead observed accelerated learning gains in mathematics. The commitment of the principal and school leadership has been a driving force behind its students' success.

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