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We believe that every child deserves a learning experience that caters to their individual needs and pace of learning.


Bett Awards Winner 2019 | Best Collaboration with a School Award

Our Mission

Whizz Education enables communities around the world to reach their full potential through individualised learning.

About Us

Unrivalled experience at the leading edge of innovation.

More than 500,000 students around the world, in settings from high-achieving academies to over-stretched schools in marginalised communities, have made learning gains from our proprietary virtual tuition service, Maths-Whizz. Over the past 14 years we have amassed an unrivalled expertise in developing and deploying innovative ICT for learning gains at scale.

We have a proven ability to work across borders and adapt our services to local needs. From classrooms in England to one-room schoolhouses in rural Kenya, we aim to break down barriers to learning so that all children can fulfil their potential.

Our approach to implementation is as responsive and personalised as the technology we provide. Our commitment to listening lies at the heart of our company's values. We know from experience that gaining a deep understanding of the aspirations of the education stakeholders we work alongside is the solid foundation for designing successful and sustainable solutions.

From students in English cities to classrooms in rural Kenya, our goal is to break down barriers to learning so that all children can fulfil their true potential. Whizz Education currently manages significant scale implementations in the UK, US, Mexico, Russia, UAE, Kenya, Thailand and New Zealand.


Collaborating for impact


Taking the time to understand the learning aspirations and challenges faced by the schools we work with is the first step in every school partnership. By gaining an insight into each school's needs we can tailor digitally enabled services that support their curriculum goals, raise standards and achieve measurable learning gains and outcomes for each individual pupil.

Donors and Funders

We offer a ground-breaking approach to meeting targets on SDG 4 by delivering ICT-enabled individualised learning at scale. We facilitate systemic change and learning impact by working with M&E teams to monitor implementations in real-time through live data that creates instant feedback loops and informs continuous improvements to learning outcomes.

Ministries of Education

Ministries of Education face a challenging gap between their ICT in Education policy and making this a reality. We work with stakeholders to design and implement educational programmes aligned to policy objectives and deliver learning gains at scale, creating sustainable and systemic change.


We engage with academia and industry to further the frontiers of education technology to achieve learning gains. Recent areas of R&D include artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as the role of voice interaction and exploratory learning environments.

Private & NGO Sector

For well over a decade, Whizz Education has collaborated with the private sector, NGOs and charities, infrastructure partners, teacher training organisations and education institutions to achieve learning gains through innovative ICT. 

Our Impact

Since 2004, more than 500,000 students have received virtual tutoring from Whizz Education. We monitor implementations in real-time through our live reporting system and continuously measure and analyse impact.

Accelerated Learning

Students who receive 45-60 minutes per week of virtual maths tutoring, on average, increase their Maths Age by eighteen months in the first year of use.*

Narrowing the Digital Divide

Over 200,000 students have received quality individualised learning opportunities, through Whizz's recent international projects with inner city schools in Mexico and rural communities in Kenya.

Tackling Inequality and Marginalisation

Project iMlango found that marginalised students in rural Kenya fall behind their international peers – progressing just 6.9 months in maths over a year. Through Whizz’s work, students can expect to make 10.4 months progress – a 51% increase.

Efficacy Studies

Whizz’s international impact has been validated by multiple studies from university partners. Most recently, the UCL Institute of Education showed that our students in Mexico achieved a 6% point increase in test scores in just one month. Download the Proof Pack here.

Success Stories

“Math-Whizz is not only impacting the improvement in students' ability in math but it is also helping in creating new technology abilities that they didn’t have before.”

Francisco J. Chávez Rangel, General Director of the Institute of Education in Aguascalientes (IEA), Mexico

“By picking up on a specific child we can show examples of the different metrics – usage and progression – and train the staff on what a healthy balance looks like and the ways to analyse and spot trends.”

Kevin Baugh, Headteacher, Ysgol Deiniol County Primary School, North Wales

“iMlango changed my academic life completely, I used to hate mathematics, and had no hopes of getting an A in my final exams, but doing it myself on a computer made it more interesting and enjoyable. It’s my favourite subject now in high school. Thank you iMlango.”

Former student, Kiserian Primary School, Kajiado County, Kenya

Recent Awards

*Research by Whizz Education - conducted with over 12,000 students and verified by independent experts - found that students who used Maths-Whizz for 45-60 minutes a week increase their Maths Age, on average, by 18 months in the first year of use