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Whizz Education is an education partner accountable for learning outcomes. Guided by a wealth of live learning data from the world’s first personalised, scaffolded, and adaptive virtual tutor, Maths-Whizz, we work with education stakeholders across borders and cultures to instigate sustainable changes to education and deliver accelerate learning. We design large-scale implementations within a coherent theory of change to embrace the unique context of each environment and drive sustainable educational impact.

Our technologies are designed for flexible adoption. They are adaptable enough to serve implementations in low and high resource environments. Our solutions are localised to meet the particular requirements of national curricula, ensuring that learning, teaching and reporting are aligned to the specific educational objectives of each school client and government project.

Working globally with Ministries of Education, School Leadership, NGOs and Teachers because ...

We believe every child deserves a learning experience that caters to their individual needs and pace of learning


The Global Challenge

617 million

Students worldwide unequipped to face the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

260 million

Children out of school across the world

Over 50%

More than half of children of primary and lower secondary age lack basic proficiency in reading and mathematics

70 million

The education sector faces a shortfall of 70 million teachers

Listen to Whizz CEO, Richard Marett, discuss adaptive learning programs with Juan Barron from the World Bank

Richard Marett, CEO of Whizz Education, talks to Juan Baron from the World Bank, and Pranav Kothari, the CEO of Educational Initiatives, the organisation that made MindSpark. The conversation focuses on the implementation, the design, the cost, and other specs of running adaptive learning programs in developing countries.

Overcoming the obstacles to better learning

Multi-Year Knowledge Gap

Proof our our educational impact

Evidence on the impact of partnering with Whizz Education on students’ learning, gathered over seventeen years, is detailed in our latest Proof Pack evidencing:

– The global learning metrics utilised by the Maths-Whizz tutoring platform
– How sustained usage of Maths-Whizz drives accelerated learning for students worldwide
– The efficacy studies carried out by independent researchers that benchmark our data against third party assessment

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