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Whizz Education’s mission to democratize private tutoring to ensure an individualized learning experience, is an ambitious one. We work with governments, local authorities, schools and donors to bring Whizz Education outcomes solutions to children around the world. Education is one of the largest recipients of official development assistance. Current levels of funding will fall short of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) education. There is a need for private capital to catalyze education outcomes, which have further been dramatically impacted by the school closures caused by CoVid-19.

The equation is simple: better educated children make for better, more productive citizens and safer societies. However, education is complex, individual, and requires a long-term approach for success.

Better educated children make for better citizens & societies

Two issues prevent every child from an individualized learning experience and fulfilling their true potential:

  • Capacity: Governments and schools are restricted by their budgeting processes, which are often inflexible.
  • Capability: Improving student outcomes requires a highly proven and localized approach, which needs a degree of flexibility that traditional programme funding cannot offer.

This is where, if used well, private funding has the capacity to catalyze education outcomes, and subsequently systems and national economies.

At the heart of outcomes-based, or impact funding, is the premise that reliable data and a flexible funding model allows service providers to maximize their impact. The model offers a competitive return to investors and ensures that governments are only paying for outcomes achieved. 

Education Impact Investing Model

Critics will point out that the administrative and evaluation costs of this model are unreasonable. These costs slow down the process, and we’d be better off relying on traditional sources of project funding. This is where Maths Whizz’ integrated technology solution is a game changer. Whizz Education’s data collection and analytics capacity allows for continuous course correction, rather than relying on either quarterly or annual evaluations. Outcomes-based financing has proven successful in both developed and developing contexts alike.

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