How We Used EdTech to Support Learning in Maths at Little Sutton Primary

Rachel Davis MBE – Headteacher, Little Sutton Primary School

Case Study

Little Sutton Primary has worked closely with Whizz Education for the last three years. Initially, assigned to support pupils in Year 6, the Maths-Whizz programme is now offered to our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils to help further supplement their mathematical learning.

Since the induction of the programme, pupil engagement and progress in maths has increased. Our pupils perform well above the national average in maths where our Key Stage 2 progress in mathematics (3.8) was significantly above national levels and in the highest 20% of all schools in 2019 as well as in 2018 and 2017

Along with the focused mathematical strands and challenges that appear as tasks for children to complete, there are also several additional activities that further keep our pupils motivated. From achieving progress points to creating their own avatars, the Whizz shop, obtaining stickers and progress messages, receiving awards including rulers and pencils, there is also the chance to win the weekly Whizz class cup!

As one of the first primary schools to be part of the programme in Birmingham, we have been fortunate to have been supported by the Whizz Education Success Partners. In the initial stages, the team delivered assemblies and maths staff meetings as part of our continuing professional development. They also continue to provide technical support too.

Whilst many of our children regularly access the programme from home, the usefulness of being able to utilise Maths-Whizz in the current pandemic has been very well-received by our staff, pupils, and parents. The ability to check progress whilst also allowing children to still see a purpose for maths has been hugely motivational. In such
unprecedented times, such online tools and options are great to support the balance of remote learning.

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