First Episode of the World Bank Podcast series on Adaptive Learning

14 june 22:  Education partner, Whizz Education, has been featured in the first episode of the World Bank Podcast series on Adaptive Learning.

The World Bank Podcast, titled “Implementing Adaptive Learning Programs: Lessons from Whizz Education and Educational Initiatives – Part I”, accessible here, is the first part of a two-part conversation with Whizz Education’s CEO Richard Marett, Juan D. Barón Senior Economist at the education global practice at the World Bank and Pranav Kothari from Education Initiatives.

In This first episode, we’re speaking about adaptive, personalised learning. This is data-driven learning that potentially moves beyond a predetermined decision tree and uses machine learning to adapt to students’ behaviors and competencies. We’ll talk about the implementation, the design, the cost, and other specs of running adaptive learning programs in developing countries.

About the speakers

Juan Baron, Senior Economist in the World Bank’s education global practice works on analytical and operational activities in South Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean. Today, he’s speaking with two guests who are running companies focused on adaptive learning. Richard Marett is co-founder and CEO of Whizz Education (, a learning outcome company that’s developed, adapted, and learned over many years to improve learning outcomes at scale. Pranav Kothari is CEO of Educational Initiatives (, the organization that made MindSpark (, which is an adaptive learning software for students in schools, grades 1-10 to help them learn language, math, and science. In this episode, they’re going to talk about what is adaptive learning and how can it help students leap forward in their learning.

This episode is part one of a two-part conversation. To listen to Part II, please click here.