Whizz Education Statement on Recent Events in America and Around the Globe

Dear friends,

The protests that began in Minneapolis and have continued in cities across the United States and around the world over the last few weeks have illuminated more than just the night sky. They cast a light on the maddening, deadly, reality of institutionalised racism that has persisted across generations in America and many other nations.

As an education company, whose mission is to enable communities around the world to reach their full potential through individualised learning, we recognise the foundations of basic human rights, dignity, and respect, as central to our work. We believe intrinsically in human potential. Racism, whether overt or subversive, is pernicious, and contrary to our values.

At Whizz, we are proud to partner with communities around the globe to overcome barriers that prevent equitable access to a quality education. We are blessed to have a diverse team of committed professionals from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds that are passionate about contributing to a more just and inclusive world.

There are many who share our beliefs, and the last few weeks have highlighted the bonds that unite us. We stand in solidarity with everyone around the world who condemns racism and prejudice-driven violence. And we are proud to stand alongside educators working to fight inequality every day in their classrooms, schools, and communities.

In the weeks ahead, we will humbly continue to listen, learn and take action — both internally and with our partners, to support a more equitable society.

Thank you.

Richard Marett – CEO, Whizz Education
Paul Miller – US Country Manager, Whizz Education