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How policymakers can overcome the assessment conundrum. And why equity is not a zero sum game.

Why foundational maths matters more than ever.

It’s vital that we exploit the potential of technology to move the learning dial globally.

Old truths that COVID-19 makes impossible to ignore. And learning losses reported in Ethiopia.

Catastrophic levels of learning loss in rural Kenya, according to new Whizz study.

What can the private sector do to address the education funding crisis?

How to drive down the costs of large-scale EdTech, and addressing the challenge of student engagement

Quantifying lockdown learning loss...and how continuous assessment can move us past exams

We look at how future historians of education might look back on 2020, and more

We look at the distinction between efficacy and effectiveness, Dr Junaid Mubeen speaking at the EdTech Evidence Group’s recent webinar, and more

We look at the impact of COVID 19 on 63 million teachers, why teacher training must be education’s top COVID priority, and much more

Seven ways to avoid an algoshambles, our verdict on how schools should be reopening, and how virtual tutoring restores purpose to the teaching day.
Teachers are overworked and students are being left behind. See how virtual tutoring restores purpose to the teaching day, and much more.
Learn why blended Learning must be part of education’s ‘new normal’, find out about our government video conference and more.
How schools across the globe are reopening after Covid-19 lockdown, how EdTech responds to a collective crisis, and much more.
We look at the inconvenient implications of #LearningNeverStops, preparing for the aftershocks of Covid-19, and much more.

We examine the impact of Covid-19 on education systems worldwide and ask what lessons can be learned from emergency contexts.

Empowering girls and women with STEM, EdTech in rural Kenya, and recapping why we helped launch the EdTech Evidence Group.

Why AI should force educators to rethink SDG4, why we co-founded the EdTech Evidence Group and a tribute to Clayton Christensen.
5 principles for global learning metrics, High-touch, high-tech, and Why content matters more than ever in EdTech.
In this issue we take an in depth look at whether PISA is worth the hype, and launch our new site.
Global learning metrics white paper, The impact of bilingual learning, Beijing consensus reaction and much more.
AI in education, international funding programmes, principles of counting, events and additional reading.
Does ability grouping improve learning? Observations from schools in Kenya, and much more.
The effects of summer learning loss quantified, bilingual learning, efficacy vs effectiveness and more.
Reasons to welcome the DfE's Edtech strategy, can low-stakes testing resolve the assessment conundrum and more.
Why the five Cs of EdTech are not enough, our white paper 'From Data to Insight to Action' and more.