Using the FLN Global Proficiency Frameworks to Inform the Design of Education Products and Solutions

The Global Proficiency Frameworks (GPF) describe the global minimum proficiency levels expected of students at…
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The case for virtual tutoring: Translating research into sound policy

global Covid-19 pandemic has illuminated the essential need to communicate scientific research effectively to both…
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Equity is not a zero sum game

Accelerated learning and the ‘curb-cut effect’. Author Kat Holmes, an award-winning designer and technology executive,…
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How to solve the measurement problem for ‘global proficiency’

The Global Proficiency Frameworks for reading and mathematics are taking shape. Developed by the UNESCO Institute of Statistics and…
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Why accelerated learning – not ‘mitigating interrupted learning’ – must be the aim

When students return to class in the Fall they will likely have lost several months…
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Why the world is (and should be) focused on closing gaps in foundational maths

Global education and development efforts have recently focused on the long-term effects of Learning Poverty…
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