Implementation Planning

Whizz Education designs and implements programmes aligned with client goals and institutional policies, as well as their existing processes and initiatives, to address your specific challenges.

At Whizz Education, Implementation Planning is the foundation by which we ensure success. This process is carried out in partnership with all of our clients from individual schools through to government institutions and facilitates the execution of the implementation’s strategic plan by breaking down the implementation process into smaller steps while defining the timeline, the teams and the resources that will be needed.

Starting with a thorough analysis of client needs, we work in partnership with you to develop an Implementation Plan tailored to your unique objectives. 

Implementation Planning is carried out with multiple stakeholders throughout the system. For government agencies and school groups, an Implementation Plan is prepared and maintained at the central level, setting wider project objectives against the country’s Education Sector Plan (as an example). This is then adapted to individual school implementation plans, aligned to school improvement plans (for example) to ensure that schools are meeting their own goals.

The implementation plan serves as an ongoing reference point throughout your partnership with Whizz and is updated at review meetings based on the insights gained and lessons learned. From this it allows us to course-correct implementations and make continuous improvements to implementation thereby maximising learning outcomes. 

Whizz’s Implementation Planning is underpinned by the following core components:

  • Setting Goals & Objectives: Outlining the ultimate goal of your project/implementation and the objectives which are the key milestones or achievements that must be completed to reach the goal.
  • Success Criteria: In partnership with you we will identify and the criteria by which we will measure success.
  • Scope Statement: Briefly outlining the project scope / services to be delivered / the work to be performed.
  • Resource Plan and Responsibilities: outlining both the Whizz and client core resources required for success.
  • Implementation Timeline: a clear project timeline agreed between the client and Whizz to ensure the implementation is executed properly.
  • Implementation Plan Milestones: identification of key milestones as a reference point to track progress.  
  • Implementation Plan Metrics: Agreed KPIs and metrics from which to measure progress and success of the implementation.

Implementation plans are reviewed on an annual basis (minimum) in conjunction with the client and updated taking into account observations and lessons learned from the previous years’ activities.

This process of Implementation Planning ensures that there is a clear scope and sequence at each stage of your implementation to enable success.


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