Teacher Training

Since 2002, we have been supporting teachers to make our virtual tutor, Maths-Whizz, accessible in the classroom and to specifically improve practice and pupil outcomes in Mathematics.

All training is designed to match the requirements of the curriculum in your region and country and will be tailored to your specific learning objectives. This suite of training has been specifically designed for teachers and leaders. Under the guidance of our leading teacher trainers, the training aims to offer each school a unique, high-quality professional development programme. Our consultative approach ensures the sessions are personalised, designed around individual teachers’ existing experience, knowledge, needs and relevant to the context and day-to-day experiences of teachers and the school. 

Education technologies are most impactful when they are adopted consistently as part of schoolwide practices. Any effective implementation of technology in the classroom and beyond requires acknowledgement of the dynamic, transactional relationship among content, pedagogy, and the incoming technology – all within the unique contexts of different schools, classrooms, and cultures.

The training looks at ways in which teachers and school leaders can maximise their time investment in our virtual tutor by implementing simple routines and best practices. The tools and approaches provided enhance and enrich the teachers’ experience. 

Participants learn how, with the aid of technology, they can engage with learning data in proactive ways that enable them to course-correct their teaching and leadership practices on an ongoing basis.

The asynchronous part of the training sessions allows participants to extend the learning from the bespoke sessions with ongoing opportunities to discuss key aspects of the session with peers in pairs and small groups, affording time to reflect on how content is tailored to the teaching context.