Monitoring and Data Insight

There is an urgent need for more and better learning data to build effective education systems. The World Bank and UNESCO have launched a global commitment towards a Minimum Learning Data Package. 

As a partner accountable for learning outcomes, monitoring and evaluation is a core part of our implementations and we are committed to supporting this global commitment. 

Monitoring and Data Insights are central components for success within all Whizz implementations. With the benefit of implementing projects in multiple contexts with real-time data analysis and insights, we can see what is working or not and apply best practices from global insights to make informed improvements. This not only supports ongoing and adaptive project design but also provides data for evidence-based implementations whilst supporting global initiatives to improve availability and analysis of learning data. 

Comprehensive learning analytics are built into Whizz’s adaptive virtual tutoring platform, Maths-Whizz, empowering teachers to manage and improve the learning process. Learning analytics are collected in real-time, as students are learning, providing immediate access to information and insights. This enables education stakeholders to understand learning levels at this critical time as well as proactively transform learning outcomes at the point of need. No one, be it teachers or students, need to enter data as it is received automatically as students engage with learning.

Data is collected into a central reporting platform contained within Whizz’s platform allowing data to be viewed and analysed at global, country, regional, district, group of/individual school, class, and individual student level. Clients can receive a subset of this depending on their need, for example, a Government would be able to see data at the country level, whilst a school would see data for the classes in their school only. 

This powerful data and insight capability can support governments, donor organisations and education stakeholders, with understanding student learning levels to make informed data-driven decisions, at multiple levels throughout the education system. This allows for productive partnerships, collectively gaining insight and improving implementations to achieve measurable learning gains. 

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) is an essential element of Whizz programming to evaluate and report against stakeholder goals and agreed outcomes. The data and insight capability offered through Whizz means that MEL can be in rapid cycles thereby evaluating on an ongoing basis from which continuous course corrections can be made without having to wait for mid-/end-line results. As well as offering an unprecedented internal monitoring and data insight capability, Whizz partners with independent Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) organisations as and when required, ensuring projects are implemented and evaluated against robust MEL frameworks. MEL frameworks are designed in conjunction with project stakeholders to ensure they capture the client’s goals, objectives and criteria for success from which to carry out evaluations.. 

Whizz’s Monitoring and Data Insight capability provide partners with an opportunity to make an effective investment into data analytics as it is above and beyond the minimum requirements sought by the World Bank and UNESCO.