Capacity Building

Our approach to capacity building extends system-wide, with tailored support for school leaders, ministry staff and other stakeholders responsible for students’ learning outcomes.

Empowering teachers

At the heart of every great implementation is an empowered teacher workforce. The education sector faces a shortfall of 70 million teachers, while many of those already in the classroom lack the skills and confidence to support their students. For many teachers, the task of catering to students’ diverse needs, using traditional means, is simply insurmountable.

Multi-faceted PD

Technology has the potential to empower or undermine teachers, depending on how it is designed and implemented. We have always conceived our virtual tutoring technologies as an aid to teachers – a virtual assistant that takes away the drudgery of marking and assessment and frees up teachers to create richer classroom experiences. Teachers who use Maths-Whizz have access to individualised tutoring, live reporting and a repository of award-winning instructional content. More than that, they receive professional development and ongoing support that equips them to make effective use of technology in their environment. We provide training and support at every level, from foundational ICT skills to innovative, technology-enabled pedagogies.

System-wide support

As one of the key stakeholders in the success of any education programme, school leaders are equipped with tried and tested strategies for raising attainment and supporting the use of a range of traditional and digital teaching and learning resources to raise the quality of teaching and learning within their schools.

Throughout the lifetime of our programmes we build the capacity, knowledge and capabilities of not only teachers, but school leaders, ministry staff, communities and entire institutions which allows the sustainability of transformational learning outcomes that results in systemic impact.


Data for All

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