Implementation Management

With almost two decades’ experience designing and implementing innovative ICT enabled education solutions at scale across global contexts, including low-resource and hard-to-reach communities, Whizz Education has the knowledge and experience to deliver transformational impact on mathematics teaching and learning outcomes worldwide.

Our programmes deploy international, and local, high-quality education, technology and programme management experts with excellent records of success and years of experience in the development of educational technologies, project management and implementation of education solutions globally. Whizz Education has the operating talent and experience to manage large ICT for learning initiatives in varying contexts that lead to improved learning gains at scale.

We deploy an adaptive and agile approach to implementation management which allows us to rapidly respond to contextual challenges including Education in Emergencies which might arise unexpectedly and continue to deliver learning outcomes. 

Implementation Management is underpinned by careful and considered Implementation Planning which forms a reference point from which the implementation can be managed to ensure milestones are met according to agreed timelines. 

Typically, when implementing large scale projects, Whizz deploys a core team of existing Whizz specialists who have vast experience in project implementation across a variety of contexts. This ensures prompt operationalisation of the implementation through a team of dedicated experts who know what works.

A dedicated implementation team operating on the ground will be deployed with responsibility for day-to-day activities, in-school support and national level capacity building. They will be fully trained and supported in Whizz Education’s model for success including innovative education technology, adaptive teaching and learning processes and real-time reporting and course-correction to improve quality and achieve learning outcomes. 

These teams are also supported by central services, consisting of high-calibre Whizz experts who can be drawn on for technical assistance in the project implementation as and when required. Strategic support is available from specialists in Education, Product/Technology, Monitoring & Evaluation and Finance & Compliance.

Whizz’s implementation management model has been successfully implemented in varying locations and contexts. This rare combination of global expertise in education and technology with local and national knowledge and skills ensures effective operations and global best practice. The value of Whizz Education’s leadership, management and strategic vision are maintained all the way through implementation of the project, with an ongoing line of communication between field staff, monitoring and evaluation, product developers and education experts. This management model also ensures collaboration and good working practice between government and non-government partners to transfer knowledge on deploying ICT and supports a strengthened education system to reach improvements in learning outcomes.


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