Education Programme Design

Educational programme design, led by our experienced programme management team, ensures our implementations are designed and deployed effectively to maximise learning outcomes from the outset.

Identifying goals

Our approach to educational programme design starts with identifying our clients’ goals and establishing a theory of change to effectively address the core problems identified. We systematically explore discrepancies between the current situation (“what is”) and the desired situation (“what should be”), and develop a plan for bridging that gap.

Review and adapt

In line with our course corrective approach to monitoring, evaluation and learning, education programme design is reviewed and updated on a regular basis throughout each project.

Flexible and scalable

Crucially, and an often overlooked aspect in education, our technologies are designed for flexible adoption. They are adaptable enough to serve each specific context. Our products and services are localised to meet the particular requirement of each local curriculum, ensuring that learning, teaching and reporting is aligned to the specific educational objectives of each client.


Data for All

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