Consortium & Partner engagement

Whizz recognise that it is not always possible to address the challenges of an education system alone and therefore work with a variety of approved consortia partners to enrich our programmes. This includes research partners and academia, subject specialist service providers, and infrastructure providers (such as Internet Service Providers and hardware).

Whilst completing the process of needs analysis and goal setting, Whizz will identify any aspects of the proposed partnership that could be enhanced by incorporating services and expertise outside of our existing offering. All partners, and their services offerings, are carefully evaluated to ensure they meet client goals and expectations and Whizz Education’s standards for delivering learning outcomes.

Whizz has years of experience in evaluating the operational and financial capacity of partner organisations to ensure reliable partners are integrated into any project we are delivering. Whizz Education has a remarkable reputation for delivering excellence in education and we hold all partners accountable to these standards. 

Whizz engages partners into the implementation from planning through to delivery to ensure that all partners are fully engaged in the project and its success. Partners are encouraged to share ideas, lessons learnt and opportunities for improvement so that we can succeed in meeting clients’ goals and objectives together. It is essential that our partners are as invested in the process of enabling communities around the world to meet their full potential as we are at Whizz.

Engagement with partners is maintained through our partnership framework whereby meetings are held on a monthly basis to build relationships, plan upcoming projects, discuss current implementations, and raise any challenges and opportunities. Quarterly steering committee meetings with consortia partners are established within the implementation plan to ensure the partnership is meeting client goals and objectives and escalate any issues of concern. 

Whizz has a global code of conduct that meets the highest international standards and we are committed to ensuring all of our partners comply with this. This includes ensuring that our partners have written, comprehensive Data Protection, Anti-bribery and Corruption and Child Protection / Safeguarding Policies in place including a Code of Conduct that all staff must review, sign and adhere to. We have a duty of care to ensure that our clients’ minimum standards are met by both Whizz Education and our partners. 

We welcome partnerships with in-country and international organisations – public, private and third sector – interested in working together to achieve transformational change in learning outcomes for children around the world. We believe that maximum learning outcomes can be achieved when all the relevant stakeholders are fully engaged, from design to implementation, and collaboratively working towards sustainable solutions.


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